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Welcome to my world... I am a Pro Domme serving Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, WA and yes, you're in the right place!


You may know me from my videos, cam calls or any of the numerous sites I post on.  I started taking sessions in 2012 as something fun to do alongside my career. At the time I was working in the art world and I needed a shift from championing other's careers in favor of my own creative abilities and drive. I got a job at Sanctuary LAX in 2015 part-time and quickly started taking fetish cam calls and producing videos for my clips store.  Soon after, I left my dream career behind and  opened my first video studio and session space in 2016. In 2017 I began a 3 year apprenticeship with Mistress Tara Indiana from the infamous Den of Iniquity. I trained in every activity under the sun while under her tutelage and eventually ended up discovering my passion for inescapable and predicament rope bondage. During that period I assisted her during her classes two times a week and it was there that I learned how to teach women in all areas of technical training.  Since then, I've performed in over 1,500 fetish and Femdom clips, toured over 40 times, and dominated at least 2,000 men in person. Yes, I was a high volume session Queen for many years, and that time has since past. I now cater only to those willing to enter my world as I desire it. Submissive, good-natured, well-behaved clientele is a must, and you will be screened accordingly.

These days I fill my time by producing Femdom and fetish videos, with a heavy specialization in foot fetish. I regularly fill my time speaking to clients via live cam or phone, shooting custom videos or photo sets, maintaining my membership sites, selling worn items or maintaining my personal stable of devotees. I session rarely, and selectively these days in my own private play space and dungeon.

I'm fortunate enough to now live a very relaxed lifestyle where I have a small urban farm filled with pets and gardens and projects galore to keep me engaged and inspired. In this scenario, I am able to offer service submissives the opportunity to help me build the garden estate of my dreams through manual labor and farm chores. Service opportunities are only offered to the most persistent and consistent of contacts I already have, be it current clients or lifestyle submissives.

You may call me Miss Stella (my favorite), Mistress Stella Liberty, Mistress Stella, or Miss Liberty.

Here is an assortment of links which will direct you to what you are looking for.


Phone calls are a great way to indulge in your desire to serve remotely. We can discuss your fetishes and kinks or you can merely serve as pure entertainment for your Mistress. You may also cam with me and have a more intimate experience. 


This is where you'll get the best of me, my updates, and attention. Follow along with my weekly slave training challenges, games, theme days and constant updates. I post full length videos, photo sets and you will have the ability to order short personalized 1 min video messages from me for $20. A great option for fans unable to purchase a full length custom video and those wanting a little more attention than social media followers.

Custom photo sets & worn items

Order your very own custom photo set or some of my worn items to add a little pep to your day.

My clips store features the best of my content and is worth diving into, if not only to see me in action, but to delight in your favorite fantasies without direct engagement. 


Love my content? Become a member to my video site and gain access to every single video for the same monthly price. Ideal for bingers with a limited budget.

Have a special video you want made just for you? Order a custom and see your desires brought to life. I am only shooting povs currently.

Send a gift to stand out. My most devoted of servants send me something after every session. 

I am now booking in person sessions in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington only. Potential DC tour Fall 2023

travel & news


Skilled farmhand slave position is open in Portland, OR. Must have knowledge of farming, organic gardening or sustainable land management. Experience REQUIRED. Compensated.

Domestic servitude for indoor chores. ID required.


Skilled handyman slave position available in Portland, OR. Must have experience in construction or honeydo lists. Note: Your skillset in this area must be at least that of mine.

I am not shooting with any new male video submissives at this time. Female bottoms  are welcome but an interest in rope bondage is required.. 

Travel and Sessions Available:

Vancouver, WA Sessions Available- Follow up to the confirmation email if you do not hear back. I am very busy with content production and inventory overhaul right now.



Notify me of travel updates

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