Phone calls are a great way to indulge in your desire to serve remotely. We can discuss your fetishes and kinks or you can merely serve as pure entertainment for your Mistress. You may also cam with me and have a more intimate experience. I am not a nude cam model so keep this in mind. You will be expected to treat me with respect during our conversation. 


Niteflirt allows you to call me and pay per minute. While the phone call is on, we have a skype call at the same time. You will need two devices to do so. Niteflirt is ideal for those wanting telephone calls. You will need an account and a sufficient balance there to stay on the phone with me. My listings will indicate if I am logged in to each respective one. 


This is the fastest way to schedule a skype show with me. Purchase your skype show, send me your skype id and I will email you with my next availability. Shows are $75 for 15 min or less though you may book for longer. I show my cam but you are not obligated to show yours, though I prefer it. email me at to let me know you have purchased a show and include your skype id


Text with me for 20 minutes on your phone for $35. This is a great way to have a short session with ultimate discretion in mind. I will send pics as they apply to the theme of our conversation.  I will not respond to additional text messages at later times without the purchase of an additional show.