in person consultations

A little about me:
I am a Los Angeles native, and currently reside in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, CA.. I got my start taking sessions via Fetlife back in 2012 and quickly built a long list of clients via Niteflirt. I started producing fetish clips in 2015 and have produced over 1,000 unique videos over the years. In 2016 opened my first shoot and play space and started working full-time. I left behind my dream job as a gallery director for something more creative and my own. For several years beginning in 2017, I studied extensively with Mistress Tara Indiana of The Den of Iniquity, working with her assisting with her classes and working on  my personal studies with her three times per week. In 2017 I began touring, I have done at least 40 tours throughout the United States and dominated over 2,000 men over the years in person.  I run an urban farm in the Pacific Northwest and pursue my passion for photography and gardening on a daily basis. 
A little about my practice:
My greatest pleasure is rigging. I practice western style, something you don't get to see to often these days. Some of my favorite interests include: predicament and inescapable rope bondage, otk spanking and domestic discipline, heavy corporal, trampling, head to toe leather and fantasy role play scenarios. 


I'm fascinated by energy exchange and connecting to someone through their inner-kink. There’s nothing greater than letting go and surrendering your will to me. I enjoy using my skills to tease and punish and derive endless amusement from utilizing the element of surprise to my advantage. You'll never know what's coming next. 


My private consultations are a place where you can explore your most secret of fantasies in female domination and BDSM. I'm here to coach you through this mutual journey and unequivocally elevate your experience. You''ll play by my rules and learn how to acquiesce to my demands.

Note: I give preference to extended sessions with experienced and well mannered subs. I am not interested in sessions that revolve soley around your fetishes. I prefer a give and take in session, where we can have fun and play together, as opposed to merely serving as an object of your fantasies. You must be obedient, respectful and easy to communicate with. 

All touring has been cancelled indefinitely and while I have certainly enjoyed the last 3 years of touring extensively around the United States, all things must come to an end. I have moved my dungeon to Portland, Oregon during 2020 and am only offering extended live-in slave training experiences there. You must be covid-tested and able to adhere to my strict farm rules to be considered for this extremely elite opportunity.