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foot fetish boot camp


Welcome foot lovers.. Are you interested in experienceing all that foot worship entails?


Enroll in my Foot Fetish Boot Camp and you will be specially trained in every area of foot worship. Each session is specifically designed to give you the skills necessary to be worthy of the title Foot Fetishist. 


This course will give you incredible insight into the ways in which you can worship the feet of all the women in your life without divulging your little secret. Perhaps your wife has gorgeous feet but she doesn't respond to you putting them in your mouth. I'll teach you how to get close to those feet you love, such that she'll be begging for more. 


Foot Fetish Booth Camp consists of a group of seleceted training sessions and concludes with a final evaluation and foot party where I put you to the test of proving your skills to an elite group of female foot models.


If you are capable of demonstrating your skills sufficiently, you will recieve a certificate of completion which will certify you as a professionally trained Foot Fetishist and an esteemed graduate of Foot Fetish Boot Camp. 


In addition, graduates will earn the opportunity to attend a play party with me as my personal foot slave. Extremely skilled graduates will be offered a position as one of my personal foot slaves.










Stella Liberty Foot Fetish

Training units


High Heels, Boots and Pantyhose Worship

 I'll show you the Proper way to worship a ladies high heels, boots and stockings.  A delicate and dedicated touch is required and must be refined.  


Tickling & Tease

Let's be clear here. Not everyone likes to be tickled. But, for those who do, it can be an incredible experience. I'll teach you simple techniques for getting the giggles you crave and how to touch such that the entire foot becomes an erogenous zone. Smiles all around. 



There is nothing worse than a self-proclaimed foot worshipper who cannot rub a pair of feet to save his life. I'll teach you all the tricks to bring pleasure and release to the woman whose feet you worship.



You must absolutely be skilled at painting toenails if you claim to love feet. Plus, men with this talent have an incredible excuse to touch and handle a ladies feet for a prolonged period of time while being apprciated. 


Trampling, Smothering & Crushing

Want to be under my feet? Nothing more literal than trampling. I'll show you how to support the weight of a beautiful goddess, safely and pleasurably.


Foot Sniffing & Cleaning

Prove to me how much you claim to love feet by sniffing them right out of my gym shoes. You'll then commit yourself fully to my soles by licking them clean from toe to sole. 







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Platinum Plan


6 sessions + 1 Foot party.

Regular Price $2,450

Boot Camp Price $1,820

Diamond Plan


4 sessions + 1 Foot party.

Regular Price $1,750

Boot Camp Price $1,550

Gold Plan


2 sessions + 1 Foot party.

Regular Price $1,050

Boot Camp Price $1,020

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