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service opportunities

Service can take many forms. I set aside 4-8hrs per week for service submissives to contribute to my life and well-being. Service can take many forms in my world, what is most important is that you are well-behaved, can take direction and creatively solve problems on your own, show consistency, discretion, respect and the ability to manage your own expectations. Below are a few roles that are available. Only fill out an application if you are looking to serve, not book a session. For session inquires, apply here instead. 

Virtual Service

Virtual service submissives perform computer work remotely and can be located anywhere in the world. Various tasks include; locating sites where my pirated content is being posted without my permission, compiling lists and links to clips and filing DMCA takedown orders on my behalf. 

Video Submissives

Current positions for video submissives must meet the following critieria. Under 5'4", slight of build. Categories include Height Humiliation, Size Comparison and Over the Knee Spanking. Showing face and skills for improv are ideal but not required. Model releases are required along with photos of your ID and relevant information. 

Domestic Service

Domestic service submissives help with weekly home chores. Chores include; sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, folding laundry, and any and all domestic labor I need assistance with. ID is required to step foot on my property as a domestic servant. Errands also fall into this category but are good for service subs without very much time on their hands. You must be local to apply for this position. 

Farm Service

When I relocated to the Pacific Northwest it was entirely for the purpose of building a small homestead capable of increasing my self-reliance. The property is just under an acre and I currently have 8 separate gardens I maintain regularly. Interest and knowledge in sustainable farming, permaculture or tree work is a necessity. Skilled and unskilled labor is useful to me. Apply if you can commit 4-8hrs of farm work per month at the very least. You must have reliable transportation. 

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